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* 2013 SEUSKF Championship Tournament

posted Aug 3, 2013, 10:46 PM by Iko Bullington
Dear SEUSKF members,

Triangle Kendo & Iaido is happy to host the 24th SEUSKF Championship on Saturday September 21 with a promotional up to 4 Dan the next day, Sunday September 22.  The event this year will be held on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill at Fetzer Hall, gym A.

We are very happy to welcome Kunitoshi Arai sensei (7 Dan, kyoshi) as our shinpan-cho. Arai sensei needs no introduction to most of us. He is head sensei for the Georgia Kendo Association, a long time board member and presently VP of Education for the SEUSKF, and a person that has done much to increase kendo skill in the southeast.

Please read the registration packet information for more details.

Also, within a few days we will have a web site dedicated to the event. The url is in the registration information but the site will not be compete for a day or two still. We wanted to get the registration information out and not wait for the web site to be finished.

In addition, the attached forms also include two excel files, one for tournament participants and one for promotional participants. Dojo leaders for each dojo should take time to make sure these excel sheets get filled out and sent in, one per dojo.  The promotional and tournament registrations attached as a packet along with tournament info on hotels, lunch, banquet, and commemorative t-shirt. The pdf is a fillable form to make it easy to fill out for individuals.

We ask that all dojos send in their registration information as a dojo instead of as individuals.

We will appreciate the offers of individuals to help with court management and have included a form for dojo leaders to fill out that list their members that will be willing to help.

We expect to have 5 courts running so if you are sandan or above you can be expected to shinpan. If this is you then please mark on your registration form that you will shinpan so we can credit your free lunch.

We are working very hard to make this an enjoyable event for everyone concerned. We have a few guests that have said they will come as well.  If there are any questions or problems please let Mike Watson know (

Best regards, see you in September!

~mike watson
Secretary Southeastern US Kendo Federation
Program Director, Triangle Kendo & Iaido
Carolina Kendo Kai instructor
Iko Bullington,
Aug 3, 2013, 10:46 PM