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*Georgia Kendo Taikai and Promotional Test Results

posted May 30, 2011, 10:42 PM by Iko Bullington   [ updated Jun 6, 2011, 9:11 PM ]
Here are the results of the 1st Georgia Kendo Taikai and the promotional test held over the Memorial Weekend. 

May 28, Saturday ---- Promotional Test
The following members passed the promotional test.

Miyuki Mangrum --- 1-dan
Richard Du  --------- 1-kyu
Leon Stewart -------  3-kyu
Gillian Castro  ------ 3-kyu
Josh Baker   --------- 4-kyu
Grégoire Le Bras ---- 4-kyu
Lily Stewart  --------- 6-kyu
Kendal Mangrum  --- 6-kyu

Congratulations to all of you  !!!!!

May 29, Sunday --- Tournament

Youth A (9 years old and under)
    Leon Stewart -- 1st place
Mudansha Division
    Kiwamu Stewart  --- 2nd place
    Richard Du  ----  3rd place
Women's Division
    Iko Bullington   --- 2nd place
    Miyuki Mangrum --- 3rd place
1-dan & 2-dan Division
    Marcus Morgan  ---  3rd place
Team Division
    * Triangle Kendo Club with our Imai sensei as chuken won the 1st place.

Also, there was a demonstration match of  Youth Teams between Georgia Japanese Language School Kendo Club against NKC Youth Team.
 All of them fought very well.
NKC Youth Team:
    Kendal Mangrum
    Lily Stewart
    Jessica Hyun(KKC)
    Gillian Castro
    Leon Stewart

Good job, NKC youth team!!!

Overall, it was a great tournament.  Every member of NKC competed very well.  We had an excellent spirit and great improvement in our skills.
Let's keep on training!!!!