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* Letter from Imai Sensei

posted Sep 5, 2013, 9:14 PM by Iko Bullington
Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I left the USA.   It is very hot in Japan right now.  It has taken a little toll on me.  I now live in Shunan city, Yamaguchi prefecture.  It is by the Seto Inland Sea.

It has been 4 months since I arrived here.  It seems the time has passed so fast, About 2 months ago I started kendo practice again in this hot weather.

During the summer vacation, I went back to Fukushima prefecture where my family lives to participate in a kendo tournament.  I got to form a three man family team with my eldest son as senpo(first kenshi), his friend as jiho(second kenshi), and myself as taisho(captain).  We won the first round and lost at the second round.  However the first team we beat was the winner of last year’s tournament, so it made us feel proud. Also getting to compete in a tournament with my son gave me a wonderful memory. The attached picture is our team, the one on the left is my son and the one on the right is his friend.

Take care and I will write again.


皆さん ご無沙汰しております。
日本は異常気象で 大変暑く少しばて気味です。
私が現在住んでいるところは 山口県周南市というところで
こちらに来て早いもので 4ヶ月がたちました。
さて 今回 夏休みで 私の家がある福島県に帰り
チームは 今井ファミリーで 3人の団体戦で
先方 私の長男、次鋒 長男の友達 大将 私で
チームを組んで 福島県 会津で行われた 和田旗という大会に出てきました。
1回戦を突破して 2回戦目で負けてしまいましたが
写真 左が息子、右が息子の友達です

また 何かありましたら メールします。 今井